Our flagship intensive investment course is designed for investors that have been investing for some time, but have been consistently experiencing mixed results. Ideally, this would be someone with two or more years of investing experience.

The 15-week flagship investment courses for beginner investors with mentorship has currently got a maximum capacity of 5 students per course.
Our flagship 4-day intensive investment course for beginner investors has currently got a maximum capacity of 10 students per course.
The main reason for limiting the number of students on each course is to make sure that we dedicate enough time to answer all the questions.


If you were to miss one of our live classes, we would typically record the session for you and post a password protected Vimeo link in our current-students channel within our investor community server. If something more serious was to happen, we would typically offer a few different options for you to choose from. You could either be taking your investment course with another cohort later in the year, have a few catch-up session arranged on any of the topics that you missed or get a full or partial refund based on how many sessions you had already attended.

It is difficult to say as this would depend on multiple factors, like current market environment, monthly contributions, risk tolerance, consistency in strategy execution etc. In the past, it has taken some students only 2-5 investments to make their money back, while for others it can take up to 10-20 investments, especially if the market environment is not favourable or their monthly contribution amount is very small.

The main difference between our flagship investment courses is the length and support that comes with it. If you are someone that has never invested in the stock market before, it is probably reasonable to give yourself enough time to understand all the material and register for the 15-week investment course with mentorship. If you are not completely new to investing but think that you would benefit from getting the investment basics right, then you should probably go for our 4-day intensive investment course.

The topics covered in our Stock Doctor’s flagship investment courses include: introduction to securities, financial planning fundamentals, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, risk management & volatility, portfolio construction, stock’s price & equilibrium, investment strategy foundations, Stock Doctor’s Growth Strategy, Stock Doctor’s Income Strategy and the real-life execution of both investment strategies.

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