Introduction to stocks & shares

Suitability: Beginner Investors (no previous investing experience)

Course Times: One Day, 9 AM – 5 PM

Payment Arrangements: Full payment must be made prior to course starting date

About this course:

  • In-person or live via Zoom
  • 1 full day, 7 hours
  • 1 hour lunch & networking


This course provides a comprehensive introduction to investing in stocks and shares, covering all the essential topics that you need to start investing. It begins with an overview of stocks and shares, explaining all the different types and their role in the financial market. Participants will then learn about tax-efficient investing, exploring methods to minimise tax liabilities and maximise returns, and delve into the various investment platforms available, highlighting their features and how to choose the best one for individual needs.

The course further equips participants with the skills to use stock screeners effectively, helping them identify potential investment opportunities based on specific criteria. It also introduces reliable financial data sources crucial for making informed investment decisions. Additionally, it covers macroeconomic impacts, explaining how broader economic factors such as inflation, and interest rates influence the stock market and individual investments.

Advanced topics include technical analysis, which focuses on evaluating stocks based on historical price and volume data, and fundamental analysis, which assesses a company’s financial health and intrinsic value through its financial statements and key ratios. The course also provides an overview on when and how to sell stocks to maximise returns and minimise losses and concludes with a Q&A session to address any remaining questions and reinforce key concepts.